6 Ways Supporters of Distracted Driving Prevention can help support the film & StopDistractions.org efforts:

  • Spread the word through your local, state, and/or national contacts.
    Tell your friends to see the film, take your family.
  • Spread the word online through social networking.
    Share this page and the trailer on your social media pages, and make sure that people are invited and informed about the film and the call to action for distracted driving prevention.
    We encourage you to send invites to your friends/family. Launch a movement on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. (looped into the AQOF Campaign page), asking your community to chat or post online about the movie using the hashtag: #stopdistractions #AQuestionOfFaith.SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS
  • Host a Takeover, Special Premiere, Movie Night, or Opening Weekend Event. 
    By going to moviegrouptickets.com/aquestionoffaith you can see how to host a Special Premiere on Wednesday Evening September 27th or Thursday Evening September 28th. You will also see how to have a movie night on the Opening Weekend (Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st) by bringing a group to the theatre or blocking out a show-time that weekend for a members only event.
  • Spread the word via e-mail, mail, and word of mouth.
    Direct and/or personal contact is still the best way to reach your community with an invitation. Invite your friends, neighbors, and community (using e-mail, mail, or word of mouth) to see the film and champion the call to action for distracted driving prevention.
  • Have a pledge competition.
    Challenge eachother to take the pledge to not drive distracted and hold each other accountable.
  • Follow StopDistractions.org on Facebook @Stopdistractions.org and Twitter @Distractionadv.
    Follow us to stay up to date on the issue, learn about new research and solutions, hear about events being held around the nation, and how you can get involved in your area.
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